Where can I order a copy?
Copies are now available for order through Amazon.com!

What makes you qualified to write this book?
 I hold a Master of Arts degree in Information Science and Learning Technologies with an emphasis in Library Science, so I know the theory and operation of the Public Library. Second, I practice what I preach; I started as a solo IT professional managing a large seven-building network with little professional IT experience and no help.  In eight years of being the only person in the library IT department, I’ve learned a variety of methods and techniques that make day-to-day IT management easier.  This is the knowledge that I share in the book Crash Course in Technology Planning.

What if I think you’re wrong about something in the book?
This book was written based on what works for me every day in the field.  You may do things differently, or you may feel you know a better way to approach a particular task. That’s fine, but I would appreciate if you would share the knowledge on the contact page.  I’m hoping to eventually bring out a second edition, and I’d like your input!

Why does your book have such an informal writing style?
That’s intentional.  I specifically tried to avoid sounding like a college textbook.  From my experiences, professional library students get plenty of theory but not nearly enough real-world application.  My goal was to bridge this gap, as far as IT management was concerned.  The informal style also makes it accessible to those who may have very little IT management experience.

What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?
Great!  Please send it to me by using the contact page, and I will do my best to answer it.