About the Book

9781440850608Crash Course in Technology Planning is a how-to manual for managing IT unassisted in your organization.  Even if you have no prior experience in IT work, Crash Course in Technology Planning will quickly get you on your feet and learning and managing your IT setup immediately.

Written by Christopher D. Brown, a professional librarian who became a successful IT director of a seven-branch library system with little previous IT experience, Crash Course in Technology Planning is full of practical tips, tricks and information for managing your IT infrastructure.  Written in easily-accessible language, Crash Course in Technology Planning forgoes much of the theory of traditional library management textbooks in favor of a hands-on approach.  From the very first chapter, you begin to triage and inventory your existing IT department, and work up to topics such as the operation of small networks and maintaining individual computers.

Crash Course in Technology Planning  is perfect not only for public librarians, but also any small, non-commercial organization such as school districts or municipalities.  Many of the topics are universal among IT professionals and “cross-over” from one type of organization to another.

We are pleased to announce that Crash Course in Technology Planning has been contracted for publication with Libraries Unlimited, a division of ABC-CLIO. The book will be an integral part of their already popular Crash Course series of books.

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Crash Course in Technology Planning
Libraries Unlimited
August 2016
MSRP (USA): $45.00
ISBN-13: 978-1-4408-5060-8
E-Book: 978-1-4408-5061-5