About the Author


Christopher D. Brown is currently the Assistant Director and solo IT professional at the Pella Public Library in Pella, IA.  He has worked for over eight years as a solo IT professional, and recently sat down and wrote the manual that he wished he’d had when he started his career.  The result was Crash Course in Technology Planning.

In 2008, Brown graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a Master of Arts degree in Information Science and Learning Technologies, with an emphasis in Library Science, which is more commonly known as a Master of Library Science, or MLS degree.

Since graduation, Brown has worked in a wide variety of roles.  Prior to his current position, he worked at the Scenic Regional Library, a seven-branch library system headquartered in Union, Missouri.  During his time at Scenic, he gained experience working with a multiple-building networking setup, including remote computer maintenance and firewall/VPN work.  He was responsible for several major computer upgrades, as well as the core IT design and infrastructure implementation for a branch library when it was moved to a new building.

Brown is an avid technology hound, and enjoys experimenting with the latest technologies.  He also has a strong belief in the core principles of the public library, that information should be available free to everyone without restriction.

In his spare time, Brown is an amateur clockmaker, specializing in mid-century electric clocks.  He loves spending time with his family and enjoys a good hike through the woods.

For more information, please download Christopher D. Brown’s current resume.