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If you’re a librarian in a small or mid-sized public library, or in a smaller organization such as a school district, you know how tight budgets can be, and how often these conflict with staffing needs.  If you’ve found yourself promoted to the role of IT manager for your organization, Crash Course in Technology Planning is the book that you need to get on your feet as quickly as possible with small organization IT management.

The book’s chapters provide an introduction for everything from desktop computer maintenance, to networking, to procurement and purchasing, to dealing with the public.

Crash Course in Technology Planning also provides a wide variety of practical walk-throughs and tips, such as how to create a simple computer inventory and how to create a network diagram.

Whatever your background, if you’re the only person in your IT department, you can’t afford not to pick up a copy of Crash Course in Technology Planning.  For more, please visit About the Book.

We are pleased to announce that Crash Course in Technology Planning has been contracted for publication with Libraries Unlimited, a division of ABC-CLIO. The book will be an integral part of their already popular Crash Course series of books. Please view more about the book at the Libraries Unlimited catalog entry.

Order Crash Course in Technology Planning here!

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